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Aspen Square Homes is not a brokerage company and does not charge commissions. Aspen Square Townhomes, Inc. is a holding company that represent a group of homebuilders trading under the Aspen Square Townhomes brand. For that reason, the information on this page or on the Aspen Square Townhomes website does not guarantee that your home will be built by Aspen Square Townhome, Inc. However, Aspen Square Townhome Inc. does assure that these experienced builders are capable of providing a diverse range of high-quality houses that will last for many decades to come. You should also understand that the seller makes no representations or warranties that the project will be served by a specific public school or school district. Before signing a purchasing contract, you can independently check which school/districts serve the project. The declared square footage is just an estimate; the actual square footage will vary. The dates for completion and move-in are approximate. All the information specific to townhomes i.e., prices, images, schedules, and words are for illustration and could be changed at any time before final contract. Depictions of Options, hardscape, scenery, or other items are not included in the purchase price and will only be provided with additional cost. This declaration does not represent a solicitation of an offer to purchase a new home.