The City of Irving has been transitioning toa new dimension of luxury and secured living. They are currently looking to build new neighborhoods that fulfill these qualificationswhile remaining in close proximity for everything homeowners need in terms of businessand personal necessities. Aspen Square isa masterfully-planned community in Irving thatfulfills these requirements with easy access to all major freeways, higher educationcenters, malls, and recreation facilities.

DFW has been drawing attention from many major corporations for quitea long time. Talents from all over the country are flocking here as it offers all modern-day amenities atan affordable cost. The job opportunities, multicultural living, reasonable property value,superb transportation infrastructure, business-friendly attitude of the state, and theunparalleled forecasted economic growth has made this area the next big center ofopportunity. All the big-name tech, health care, and financial corporations are setting upmajor regional offices, if not relocating their HQs altogether. Demand and price of new homes have already been on the rise and if the current trend persists in next5 to 10years, it could begin to rival that of North-eastern and Western states.

Irving, the most strategically located city of the DFW metroplex, is set to reap themaximum benefit. It is already the smartest hub for the new offices and businesses. Irvingsaw the biggest rise in property value in the last couple of decades. New homes sell likehot cakes and on the other hand, supply is shrinking. Smart migrants from California andNew York, whose new job locations are mostly in Las Colinas or the Downtown area, lookfor housing that has easy access to the workplace. The city of Irving naturally becomestheir next choice of home here in Texas. That is why investment ina new home at the Aspen Square, that has all the inherentamenities and benefits of the city, makesa lot of sense. The growth potential of theaforementioned investment is monumental considering its strategic location, state of theart design and development, and overall scarcity of investment-grade property in the city.